12 False Impressions About SEO

Different people and IT professionals have different opinions about SEO. Some of them are just not true.

Being ranked first is all important - Many surveys have found that people also scan the other entries in their search, some pages at least, until they find what they are looking for, exactly.

One doesn't need to hire a professional for SEO - Everyone can do it. It will take you too much time to do all the things needed to be done, it is usually not worth your while to do it, yourself. Changes are made often, you need to always be updated. Doing something else other than those required by your business will not help matters, at all. To sub-contract this work might be better for your business, in many ways.

SEO does not involve Facebook or Twitter - Not in the beginning, but it became necessary after social media was able to gain millions of followers. Nowadays, they are very much interconnected.

You need to update your homepage on a regular basis - Actually, you don't. If the change was related to one of your products, then just update your sales page. Know more about the automotive seo company.

Google's algorhythm only looks at how many sites link back to you.

Just do PageRank - Upon taking a closer look, Google claims that it is not PageRank but there are other factors that form the basis of the ranking. But those are not specified. That said, PageRank is considered as the main factor.

7. The more links, the higher your site will rank - Quantity is less important than quality. Links from a popular site count more than links from a site with few visitors.

Links are better than content - Both are equally important and help attract visitors.

9. Good content is enough - However good your content, if no one visits or sees it, it will fail to serve its purpose.

Doing automotive seo only upon creation will be sufficient - Because of dynamic changes that can occur at any time, it is best to keep on top of developments and update whenever needed. New companies are always formed and Google strategies are changed. A higher rank could have been obtained as a result of work done on the website of your competitor. Many things can change that require updates to be made on your site.

Internal links don't matter - They do. Sites having broken internal links and bad navigation are penalized by Google.

The exact keyword must be used - Not necessarily, synonyms are counted, as well.